Košice Schools Debating Competition – Prepared Motion

With the upcoming KSDC debate tournament we decided to give you a suggested reading list for prepared motion. Don’t take this as a definite list, these are just some of the websites containing useful ideas. There are many more, with countless of examples and precedents.


The motion says:

THBT an ethnic minority whose civil rights are upheld within a country does not have the right to claim independence.


To better understand the setting of this debate, the following definitions might be useful:

ethnic minority minor part of society which doesn’t share nationality, cultural traditions or language with the majority

civil rights societal and economical civil liberties, protected in national and international law. Common examples include freedom of speech, voting rights, right to have political representation, right to own property, right to be educated in their own language,

claim independence  unilaterally declare part of the country, where most of the ethnic minority lives, as a sovereign state


Now we can present you the following reading list.

Peter Singer writes about the merits of Scottish and Catalan independence rights

Foreign Policy News analyzes the difference between Crimean, Scottish and Catalonian situation

Interesting blog analysing the right to self-determination in the context of international law. Good for examples.

Op-ed comparing Catalonia and Scotland.

Blog on the Economist about the influence of language on nationalism.

Comparison of Putin’s and Hitler’s approaches to annexations and why are the situations different

Alternative to current trend of declaring independent countries.

Good luck in the debates!

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